Singapore Lottery – Top 10 Lottery Retailers in Singapore

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Purchasing a lottery ticket is one of the most popular gambling activities in Singapore. These tickets can be purchased at Singapore Pools branches and authorized outlets, as well as online. In order to play a lotto, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid identification card. In addition to purchasing a ticket, you must also pay the required gambling duties. These duties are collected by the IRAS and distributed to the prize winners. If you win a prize, the money will be sent to your bank account. If you have any questions, you should contact the IRAS for further information.

While many people try to maximise their chances of winning 4D or TOTO by going to Singapore Pools outlets that are said to be “blessed by the Fortune God” or have good fengshui, it is best to stick to what cannot be denied – statistics. Here are the top 10 most lucky Singapore Pools and authorised retailers for TOTO, based on their winning frequencies since 2014.

The first spot goes to Tan Wee Fong Trading, a humble store that is known to consistently have high win rates. The outlet even bagged a Group 1 winner through Quick Pick in 2017. As such, it is no surprise that punters throng to the store in droves every weekend, hoping for their lucky numbers to turn up.

Its long-snaking queues and bright red signboard will tell you that this outlet is serious about TOTO. Although it sounds more like a bakery than a lottery store, Delisia Agency is no stranger to TOTO winners, with 18 jackpot and 50 Group 2 winners under its belt. The store is easily recognisable by its long queues and crowded surroundings, especially around Chinese New Year.

NTUC Fairprice Bukit Batok is the largest TOTO outlet, and its popularity is evident from the crowds of punters that flock to the store. However, it is worth noting that the odds of winning a Group 1 prize are not as great as at other outlets. If you’re planning to purchase a TOTO ticket, it is advisable to go for a big bet. This way, your expected value is much higher than if you placed a small bet.

Toto is a legally licensed form of gambling in Singapore, operated by the Singapore Pools, which is owned by the government. The profits from the game are used for charities and other worthy causes. The game is popular among locals, attracting over a million players a day.

The maximum payout for a single bet is $200,000, and the minimum is $10. You can use your credit or debit card to pay for a bet, but you must remember to keep your 6-digit PIN safe, and do not share it with anyone. If you suspect your PIN has been stolen, you can file a police report. You can also pay by cheque, crossed and made payable to the Commissioner of Gambling Duties, with your name and tax reference number written on the reverse side.